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RR Spike Knife


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Here is a new spike knife that I have been working on. It's taken me a while to do b/c since I don't have a belt grinder, i had to file it by hand and sand it by hand. I'm not finished, but hopefully I will be soon. Feedback wanted. constructive criticism needed!! But a quick question before I get attacked (LOL): how high of sand paper should I go up to? 2000? 3000?



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For a mirror polish I use grits to 2000 and then hit it on the buffer, But then I have a belt grinder and several buffers. If I were to do one of those by hand i would do aa you have, spend a lot of time with files and then wet or dry papers. Not sure what grit you are up to but I would draw file. then 120 paper until I got all the file marks out,,then 220 to remove the 120 scratches. If you leave any of the larger scratches they will show stay in one grit until close inspection with a good light shows you are ready to go smaller grit. 220 then 360 or 400 then 600 etc you can go up to 2000 if you wish, Then maybe some semi-chrome polish for a shine. You did not say if this has been heat treated. If it has it will take a nicer finish. Have fun,,and be prepared to spend some money on good wet or dry papers

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