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  1. how much did you pay for that beauty! if you're comfortable telling of course.
  2. im not that upset about it, really, but upset enough to post it on here. im definitely not losing any sleep over it.
  3. thats what makes it all bad... 125 pound hay budden.
  4. Ive decided im going to anneal or at least draw back the temper on all of my hammers. last night while forging i was using the peen of my cross peen and due to my lacking hammer control, missed 3 or 4 times putting dents in my anvil face. not very deep but enough to upset me. has an incident like this happened to anyone else before?
  5. It takes a special kind of stupid to challenge a blacksmith. As was said earlier we are basically trained to hit hard, fast, and accurately, and do it for hours a time with a 2+ pound hammer. I think it was more or less he felt he had immunity to punishment because he's the principals nephew and he had a game that night.
  6. regardless, i may be wrong and am suspecting i am, 99p for a 140 pound or a 172 pounder is a steal, and both weight are good weight for almost anything.
  7. The hundred weight system first number equals 112 times the number, second number equals 12 times the number, last number is individual pounds
  8. It's 140 pounds. How much are they asking for it?
  9. that anvil is definitely upside down. you can see the horn in plain view.
  10. I wanted to know how much the anvil is, but Beth's interpretation was welcome. It seems like a nice anvil for demos and such
  11. 25 for the anvil, another 20 for the hardy would be my best offer.
  12. njsteelbaron.com for hi-carbon and tool steel, speedymetals.com for mild steel.
  13. Never heard of them, but may be something I would consider in the future
  14. 125# made in 1913. Best Christmas present ever :D
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