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  1. I can narrow it down for you. The original design was by Union. They were bought by Backus who was bought by Millers Falls. There were several manufacturers of similar styled vises, but this had a distinctive bulge where the back section rode the rail. Take a look at the vise on the top left of this link for one similar to yours.
  2. bl00

    No Name Bench Vise

    While looking for something else, I think I found the maker of your vise. The front jaw is a different shape, but there's enough in common that it's probably from the same company. It was made under contract for the Ware Twin Engine Truck Company of Minneapolis. The hard part was figuring out what forum I had seen your vise on. Here's a couple links with info: http://tinyurl.com/km2nqc3 http://tinyurl.com/mgs4kqo http://tinyurl.com/lby23fn
  3. I'm in Virginia, but the vise was from just north of Harrisburg, PA. It's out in Kansas now. The patent info on the PDF has a good line drawing that shows what's missing from the screw/handle area. It was tough walking away from it. On one hand I knew I'd never see another one. On the other hand I really don't need it and would be buying it for hoarding purposes more than need. I told my friend who bought it that the whole drive home I felt like I just broke up with a girlfriend. I was second guessing myself the whole way.
  4. I bought a drill press from a guy who was also selling this big vise. I didn't need it, so I passed the info to a friend who purchased it. Has anyone seen one of these before? The wheel on the bottom is made to work with your foot to keep the jaws parallel. The attached PDF has the patent info that shows how all the parts are supposed to work. Patent info Cumings vise.pdf
  5. It appears to be a Stephens. If you do a search for Stephens Patent vise you'll find a bunch of info on the internet. Yours is the first I've seen with the tall jaw surface of a woodworkers vise. Fisher (and others?) made a similar vise, although I believe Stephens was the original.
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