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  1. Thanks Mike. I was surprised and concerned about how hot they got too. I was thinking I could remove the set screws or loosen them and get it hot and then taper it on the horn of my anvil. That is the only way I can get them hot enough to do it on the anvil, but it might work. I could also just buy the them from Larry.
  2. I fired up my burners last night to test and hopefully this video will be viewable. These are my first burners and first test. Max pressure on the regulator last night was 10psi. I'm pretty sure I have it wide open to test. I am open to comments and any feedback is welcome! 20170605_191536.mp4 20170605_191625.mp4
  3. HAHA That is funny. I'm keeping the kid, but I'm getting a new regulator.
  4. Thanks Mikey! She's a great kid! I just ordered a new one from Amazon and it will be delivered tomorrow. Thanks for all your input.
  5. I've never met the guy. He did say he has a 10-30psi regulator. It is through a local propan company here in Charlotte.
  6. Would a 10-30 psi regulator work?
  7. I have my burners built and I'm looking for a high pressure regulator. I talked to a guy this morning that has a regulator that can be adjusted. He said it can be adjusted from 20-45psi. Should I consider this or just find a regulator set to 30 psi?
  8. Thomas, I thought I answered you, but I don't see it. I wasn't actually asking for local info....I was just asking about specifics on what hardware to look for. I'm new to gas forges and just want to make sure I get the right hardware.
  9. Thanks Frosty. I have a couple more challenges. 1. Need to call around and see if I can find thread protectors. Any thoughts on alternatives? 2. Locating the correct pressure regulator and associated hardware. Any thoughts on this? I may also have to buy another 3/4x1x1 tee. It appears I drilled the hole crooked and the jets isn't in the center of the 3/4 hole. Am I correct in reading the plans that the mig tip should only extend halfway into the T? If so do you have any good suggestions on cutting the mig tip down without messing up the .035 opening?
  10. Thanks Mberghorn! I called Airgas and told them I just needed a .035 tip with 1/4-28 threads and I'm all set. I picked up 10 just so I didn't have to go looking for them for a little while.
  11. Where do you all get the tweco .035 tips with the 1/4-28 thread?
  12. I'm having trouble finding the 1/8" mpt x ¼" flare fitting locally. I just checked Lowes and they don't carry them from what I can see. Where have others found this fitting? Mike
  13. Hey I know Scott too! Small world.
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