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    Everything blacksmithing, blades, swords, art, tools. Also a leather worker and history buff.

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  1. Howdy everyone. I am new to the forums, Just moved to Las Vegas Nevada and have all my own start up forge equipment. Alas I have no place to forge. I`m interested in all forms of smithing traditional, tool, blade, armor, etc. Anyone else in the area that my have a place or setup please contact me. I would love to set something up and meet the locals. Thanks for your time. Jaime D.
  2. Howdy all. I have been busy trying to get established in Las Vegas lately and haven't responded to some of you sorry. I am a blacksmith with some experience and knowledge on most smithing arts, tools, swords, knives , armor, etc. I have everything to set up a forge( anvil, tongs,hand blower, etc.) except a place like many of you. Get in touch and maybe we can all get together on a place or something.
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