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  1. I like those! The cocobolo is really pretty. Newbie question now, how do you flare the tube? Clearance the wood and use a flaring tool, then file it flush?
  2. Yes indeed. Everything but game animals comes in "on the hoof". LR, good job! Looks nice.
  3. How did you know it was an RPG there, Frosty? Huh? Lol
  4. I could get a lot of ideas of off that game... Yes I play it! Maybe I should try it too! I'll ask my buddy if he has any horns. (He's a butcher.)
  5. Thank you for the kind words every one! They mean a lot! I was followed home today by a piece of rebar, and the wife said I could keep it. I made this today...
  6. Aqua man, if you'd like I can get some pics of the mount for you.
  7. I have to rake that goes to my fireplace set, its decent quality and works well enough at the moment. There are some things I don't like about that I will change when I forge mine. I'm looking around for stock at the moment, not a real hard thing considering I work in a mine.
  8. I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures, everyone. I have only my not-smart-phone to use for both camera and internet.
  9. Here is the strap I was messing with.
  10. I had not thought of that, Jim! Thank you! I may wait until I cut a better stump, this is pretty rotten. I'll head out to the woods and get something here before long. I'll get more strap and make a hanger anyway!
  11. I went with a solid fuel forge because if was given to me, along with the anvil and an old post drill. It all came out of the mine where I work now, back in the 20's sometime. If I had to choose between other styles, I think I would build the 55 forge. They have blueprints here on the site and it seems like a great learner forge! Relatively easy to build, and versital. I may make one for grins one of these days.
  12. I'll put up a couple more pics of the strap tomorrow. Maybe I'll try to make some tongs?
  13. Well, I lit my forge for the first time ever! I didn't make anything, I had no real goal in mind. I had a random piece of flat strap, 2" x 1/4", so I made it really hot and beat on it. Didn't do much. But I started. The only teachers I have are on this forum, and boy you guys are great! I lit the fire with charcoal, don't have any real coal. It was good enough to get the metal to a bright red color, but I don't think my fire was deep enough to do much more. It felt great! Even if it was just xxxxxxx around d, trying to learn through trial and error. Learn I did though, so I would call it a great success! I just thought I would share it with you. I'll try and get a few pics posted.