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  1. I will be attending ACBA in August and I am excited about moving to Charleston. When I asked the question on the three internships that must be completed I was told they are 6-8 weeks and typically paid. They stated I will have the opportunity to study with blacksmiths around the world and I hope this is true. They also said they try to pair you up for your internship based on your skill level but you could also work to find your own internships. I have seen some post on here about people who have attending ACBA and would like to know about your experience at the school as well as the internships. I would like to hear anyone's thoughts on the school and internships if you care to share them. Any thoughts about internships abroad or staying here in the U.S would be great. Who if anyone accepts internships and might be interested in accepting me. I believe that just wanting to learn this craft is not enough, you need to posses the ability to learn, the will not to give up and most importantly be able to take constructive criticism. I have been blacksmithing for a little over a year now and have only taken one class a few weeks ago at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing from Dale Morse. After the two days of class I could see how much I had improved. I contribute it to being able to listen to instructions and from being able to accept the knowledge that was being passed out. Any Thoughts or concerns would be great, thanks for reading. Matt
  2. I'm lucky enough to have easy access to a relatively high carbon steel around 1% I believe. I'm going to be making punches and chisels and have been trying to understand the whole heat treating and annealing process but it seems to evade me. What is the best down and dirty way to somewhat harden the punches and chisels? Is it even worth it because they will be hot punches and chisels and wont they just lose the temper? I will continue to read and try to understand this process but thought I would throw it out to you guys and see what you think. Here is a picture of the steel after power hammered into a rough tool shape. Th piece that was drawn out was from about a 5 inch section.
  3. Yah I see that 405.00$ I didn't think he would get someone but hey what do I know=D
  4. What do you think the blower and anvil are worth? I've been trying to find some info on peter wrights and the blower. I found and old print of the champion blower that is pretty cool.
  5. Oh wow thats pretty cool, its in great shape. The blower still has the original legs on it too.
  6. Didnt buy the anvil! Thanks for your help guys, I just saw it on ebay for 400.00$ now but I don't think he will have any luck selling it, oh well. I had a pretty interesting day on sunday even not buying the anvil. I went to a family friends house to look at some old blacksmithing items that he had. Once I got to talking to him a little he informed me that his grandpa and his great grandpa were both blacksmiths. One of them was a blacksmith in WWI and the other worked in the blacksmith shop at the Greenbrier Resort, WVA. He was telling me he would work the hand crank blower for his grandpa and remembers having to jump up to get the hand to crank all the way around. I thought I would share with you guys because I really enjoy hearing the stories people have about blacksmith things. Here are a couple pictures of the items that he had. I don't know what the anvil is but it was pretty stout. Just some tools that his grandpa's made and used during their time. The blower is a Champion #400 all in working order. I gave that thing a couple cranks and man did it put out some air!
  7. I have a mouse hole anvil already, arond 120 pounds. I saw this come up on craigslist and I have been wanting another anvil but they are pretty hard to find as you guys know. I dunno what I will do. I am atleast going to look at it since I already told the guy I would come down. Going to do some more research on the anvil and see what I can find out. Thanks for the speedy reply guys! Matt
  8. I am going to look at this anvil today. It is listed at 350$ will multiple other items. The guy told me they are all in working order and that they are just rusty. The anvil is a 202 pound anvil, i can't see any markings on it from the pictures but I am taking a closer look today. I feel as if its a good deal, let me know what you guys think. You can check the pictures out The tool face on the anvil appears to have some damage but for the price... i dunno talk to me.
  9. 1) Matt Ropp 2) Harrisonburg Va 3) What type blacksmithing do you do, what do you make. I have been focusing on the basics and trying to learn techniques. I've made hand rails for people, BBQ forks, Rail Road spike tools for gardening, Fire pokers nothing grand or great. Most of the items I make are gifts or request that people give me to make. 4) I have always been interested in blacksmithing, so one day I woke up and made my frist forge which is posted on here haha! My passion has grown since then and I am liking it more and more. 5) What object or thing did you use as your first anvil. I had a piece of rail road track for my first anvil like many others im sure! 6) Tell us about your first forge, hole in the ground, camp fire, brake drum, stacked bricks: I started with some sort of brake drum/chunk of metal that wouldn't melt and a hair dryer. I think that i've made about 4-5 forges with now just getting one I can live with..... for now. 7) Who assisted you or encouraged you in the craft: My brothers helped me with my first forge and my wife is very supportive of my hobby, as long as she can have request now and then for items around the house. 8) What event changed your attitude about blacksmithing: I was getting frustrated with my work that was coming out of the forge and simply thought of giving it up. But I told myself slow down, you do this for enjoyment. After I did that my work started to improve and so did the fun level. 9) What tool has changed or made your life easier in the shop: Getting a proper anvil sure helped, i have two decent hammers now and have recently aquired a leg vise that i'm excited about. 10) What advice would you give those starting out in blacksmithing: Take your time and enjoy yourself 11) What advice would you give those already involved in blacksmithing: Remember why you first started smithing and make something for yourself. 12) What are some of the interesting things that have happened to you in your life as a blacksmith: I met a nice old lady who has runs an antique shop. She told me she was looking for a hand rail but that a local metal working shop had priced her 500$ for a two foot hand rail. I made her a hand rail and installed it for her. She wrote me a card stating how grateful she was and that she didn't think people did that type of thing anymore.
  10. msropp2

    First Vise!

    I also noticed while taking the vise apart and putting it together that each part had a number on it. To me it seemed like someone had bought the vise as a kit and then put it together themselves I dunno maybe not tho. I havne't seen any other makes/names on the vise.
  11. msropp2

    First Vise!

    nice that shouldn't be to hard to create, I also noticed that it is missing one of the tapered pieces to help lock the vise in place. I'll make one of those as well and it should be good to go. I cleaned it all up today and oiled it down really well. I can't wait to use it!
  12. msropp2

    First Vise!

    I saw a thread on making a spring for leg vises... any input on this?
  13. msropp2

    First Vise!

    Thanks Thomas! I paid 90$ for the vise. I have been looking for 5-6 months or and haven't seen one for under 125$. Not sure whats reasonable but considering I haven't seen one for under 125$ I felt ok coughing up 90$. I'll check the forums for vise repairs and replacing the spring after I get the clean up done. I will have to check the jaws once i'v cleaned and put it back together. Thanks again for the speedy input.
  14. msropp2

    First Vise!

    yet again my lack of knowledge has made me look silly again... will post pics once i find out what it is=D. Thanks ThomasPowers Hopefully this is better
  15. msropp2

    First Vise!

    So I picked this leg vise up today..... I don't really know much about leg vises other than the small amount of research i've done on Iforgeiron. Might have been a bad buy but i'm not sure. Not really sure what I've got here but it seems to be in working order. Thought I would share with ya'll good or bad its now mine! Let me know what you think good or bad can't hurt my feelings I promise. Pics below