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  1. By the way, i apologies for putting a pic up that's so big you can see it from space.
  2. I just had to show you guys my progress on this little stag handled knife I have been working on. It's by no means perfect, but I'm ready to progress past RR spike knives, so this is the direction i'm wanting to go. BTW I want to thank all you dudes for all the knowledge I've found here. I am surrounded by ferriers where I live, and I've asked a few of them about knife making, but I feel like i'm bugging them more than anything so iforgeiron.com is pretty much my go - to for learning. I realized lately that I don't just love making knives, but I am obsessed with it. I want to keep going
  3. I forge welded a chainsaw chain together.... I have no pics yet... but I've been trying to forge weld something since my last post here.... and im so excited right now that all i could think of was to tell you guys. My hopes and dreams are to make it into a knife. I will probably fail at that part... but. .............. I forge welded a chainsaw chain!!!!!!!! /happy dance :lol:
  4. Awesome advice Rich. I'm going to try that today. So stoked now . haha.
  5. I know some of you guys are sick to death of spike knives, and I apologize for that! I only wanted to show everyone this one and maybe get some pointers. I'm just about ready to try a better material knife, I just wanted more practice before I did. Well, here she is. Wolf Head was done with file,dremel, and chisels (while hot). It's rough but I am stumped as far as carving in the detail of the wolf's face.... suggestions welcome!!! As always I bow to your superior skills! Denny
  6. Yeah man, it's costing me about 50 dollars for 335 lbs. Isn't bad at all. Some of the clumps are as big as a football. Keeps me going for a good long while.
  7. HAHA I know man. Same here! And thanks for all the encouragment fellas. Awesome board here.
  8. This is awesome , I feel akin to you! RR spikes, while they are so common on the net, are so uncommon around where I live, ive made a good amount of cash on them to make tongs and many other tools I use now also. Found a coal supplier as well, and RR spikes paid for the coal supply I have in the backyard haha. Great work man!
  9. Have had several people buying these off me lately, wanted to share one with you guys. I'm still a total newb and have barely ventured outside of rr spikes yet. I just dont trust myself yet with better materials lol. Anyway, let me know what you think please. I present, the RR mini spike knife. P.S. Sorry for the low quality pic, my phone sucks.
  10. Thanks Frosty! I will! :) Im not sure about the too much air , but it turns railroad spikes solid orange (yellow spots) in about 1 minute.
  11. Thanks for the welcome! The water slide blower Is something I had laying around after the kids destroyed the water slide I bought for them. Here's a link to one, http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/banzai-water-slide-bounce-house-77933526. It seams to do the job, and its built to run for hours on end, also- it's weather proof. The one I have has sit outside for a year, and still moves alot of air. I was wondering if it was too much for what I wanted to do?
  12. Hello there guys (and gals?) My name's Denny, and i'm most certainly an upstart into metalworking. I've started out with a dirt forge in my backyard made from rock/fire brick and an old frying pan, with a water slide blower for my air source. I've been quietly stalking the forums for a while, learning ALOT. I often come here and see what I've done or am doing wrong lol. Anyway, it felt rude to stalk in silence, and take info from you guys (info which I am forever grateful!) without saying hello, and introducing myself. My grandfather was a ferrier, but he passed away long before I was old e
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