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  1. I think it could be real nice . I can upgrade as I go. I will probably go with KMG motor The Coote would be less $$ But it still needs lots of options -pulleys etc and it is 2 wheel .
  2. I guess by the lack of response not many are using this set up. I've found what may be a comprimise of sorts ... KMG 8 with 1 1/2 hp motor using 3 spd set up . it seems to give me a Quality core unit ,decent power plant and can have some control of speeds. Not bad and should be under $ 1500 plus shipping
  3. Sorry I was refering to baldor motor vs leeson motor
  4. I 'm thinking of this as a solution . Upgrade from Grizzly? Less $$ than KMG and other high end machines How do you like the product ? How is best way to set up ,wheel size and motor selection. didn't realize way too many motor options Baldor vs Leeson ? or other choices Thanks
  5. Thanks, I did see these looks like good value .. I guess it's about 1/2 price of KMG
  6. Don did you have a link ?? not sure what you're referring to
  7. Good advice 556mp .. I'll try some things with what I have .. But I have to say those KMG look like precision tanks . Tim I'll be in touch I'm in the middle of moving my business from NYC to Massapequa Talk about stressss!
  8. Thanks .. appreciate info. I looked at the KMG seems well made . I'm sure the xtra's will add up bigtime Used would be fine Surprised there isn't a buy-sell on this forum
  9. Got emailed back ...Honest answers ..I'm leaning towards 2 burner knife but the ecomomy is priced so well . He's going to be away a few days .. gives me a few days to decide Thanks for replies
  10. Looked at a few 2 X 72 belt grinders and it seems like sky is the limit ! I'm new to this and not going to buy a top of the line machine and I'm not going to build one [not knowing what I really need yet] So I looked at things like Grizzly [i have their bandsaw and drill press -good for me] but read some not so flattering reviews . The price is good but I could go to about $ 1000. for peace of mind and confidence in unit , right now I have a standard belt grinder -old craftsman 4 x 36 with wheel on side plus a small 1x30 ryobi sander wheel on side [removeable wheel ] Should I st
  11. I'll probably pick it up this week .. seller is in no hurry said not to worry it's not going anywhere. meanwhile I'm figuring out what type of stand to make . Also need forge -going to start with gas and then lay out area in garage .
  12. Thanks I'll look for it , I'm not having much luck with the search feature
  13. 2 burner makes sense ... I'll go over the specs I think the knofe makers have better insulation material / easy to change. Any issues running one burner on a 2 burner forge . I thought I read something about a chimney effect ...not good to do ??
  14. I've tried contacting thru email and phone last week no answer. Maybe they are vacationing ? I'm trying to decide which size to go with economy one or 2 burner or Knife maker 1 or 2 burner .. I'm starting out and would like to make some tools and knives . It would be nice to eventually forge Damascus blades
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