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  1. A little production run going the last day or so.... Garden obelisks, towel rings, candle holders, hanging basket brackets, pan racks, handles, etc...
  2. Errrrrr...... Can't remember............ Mig weld :o
  3. Looking for some feedback really.... Garden Marker Line... First Handles I've Ever Made...
  4. First go at a handle. One each for 2 rustic wood chopping boards. Lacquered with acrylic.
  5. A thing with a pointed end on to make holes to put onion sets or leeks, etc into the ground....
  6. Here is another creation. Used in the garden as a marking line or it can be ornamental. 12mm round bar centre pin, 10mm side bars and 3mmx20mm flat for string caddy side sprayed satin black. 12mm square bar with decoration - brassed finish and lacquered. Both with forged spikes.
  7. You wouldn't say that after this week. There is stuff everywhere! Clean shop = a clean mind. Clean mind = good design and method.
  8. A few pan/ utensil racks. Paint was still wet. Both fishtail and pointed end designs..... They will be supplied with stainless steel butchers hooks to compliment the black and a few black slotted screws.
  9. Here we have a few of the square fire pokers I made. First one is lacquered steel, middle is brassed finish and right is satin black. And then a camping tripod... And an extended camping tripod...
  10. I am just thinking of a little range to take to a selection of county shows, traditional shows and craft fairs this year. I have already got fire pokers, candle holders, banana hooks, hand held garden hoes, garden dibber, garden line (for sowing straight rows), bottle openers, towel rings (screws to wall or cupboard to hold towel), solid wooden chopping boards with forged handle as well as a larger fireside log holder. What other successes to people have? I'll pop some pics up when I get round to finishing the items. Cheers!
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