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  1. Stick with european there more fun in my opinion! if yu want to do something curved try a scimitar
  2. Thank you! I was worried I may have ranted too much. I just know how dangerous it can be and know people that have had a blade break and had it come close to cutting more than their beards off. I wanted KIDS (thats in caps to remind all the younglings that just because you read it in a book dosen't mean you know how to do it the RIGHT way) to know that it can be and is dangerous. If you want to make a sword that fine! Just go about it the right way! I hope that kids my age will read what I said above along with what you all have said and realize- "Oh! Its not just a bunch of crazy "grown-ups"
  3. I'm 15 (I started on my own and getting small lessons from my farrier on basic blacksmithing no knives involved) and have made knives for a long while (or so it seems...about 2 or 3 yrs.) and i remember when i was that little guy saying "make me a sword" or "how do you make a sword". You have to keep in mind that kids that ask this aren't TRYING to be obnoxious. I completely agree with what you all say don't get me wrong! i preticularly like the quote made above "When someone comes up to me and says "Make me a sword!" I say "Sure hop up into the forge!" I've started with knives to learn how to
  4. a scimitar on the way!

  5. try using the same method for spears. drill a hole thru both sides of the socket and thru the shaft (even and inline of course) place the socket on the bolt shaft and take a small piece of metal (depends on the size of your hole) and either 1: place the rod/piece of metal thru the holes and wood so about 1/4 in. sticks out on either side of the socket. heat (optional) and bend the rod ends down so it locks the head in place. this works quite well. also if your bolt shaft shatters ll you have to do is remove the pin and put the head on another shaft. sorry if this is hard to read i will reiter
  6. i agree with the first post by CBrann very simple but (at least they look so from the picture) very durable...leaf spring you say?
  7. Met an old friend and learned alot!

  8. Hey im going to reiterate what robayako (sorry if i spelled that wrong as i didnt write it down ) how is the carbon content? Does it hold a good edge? Also, could someone post a pic of what a rail road spring clip looks like? I'm a fan of sharp pointy objects as well and I must say this is very very nice!
  9. balian625

    tomohawk Pic 2

    Made from a RR Spike I presume?
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    IMG 0303

    very nice!
  11. Need new flux!

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