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  1. For those that were there... As promised, my first shipment of Aussie made tongs will arrive this week... PM me if you want more info.
  2. Of course. You need to do it as a negative in mirror reverse, and print it at the highest possible resolution or else it will look grainy. I good photo editing program can normally handle it without losing any quality, other programs like publisher and so on will loose too much quality when you flip the image... it is very frustrating getting the image quality right.
  3. Thanks for saying thanks, it makes going to the trouble worthwhile.
  4. The toner used as a resist is not perfect, and if there are large areas that have no breaks in the toner where you want the etch to occur, the current finds its way through the toner and etches where you don't want it to creating a "shadow" by nail polishing any large areas the path of least resistance is to the unprotected areas you actually want the etch to occur, so very little if any marks where you don't want them. you will see what I mean if you don't do it. That and pink is nice on a knife....
  5. Send me a PM and I will send you some Beefwood, Grevillea Striata. Heaps better. IMHO
  6. Made this tutorial for anyone interested in etching anything onto a blade whenever you want without fancy stencils and machines and stuff. Video removed due to inappropriate language for a family forum. Corin, please resubmit a clean version of the video as it contains some good information on etching. If you would like to submit still images and text, that will work also. Edited version for a family forum. The short version Print your image on a thin piece of paper with a laser printer. Tape it to the object being etched. Transfer the image to the object with a not iron. Isolate the image from the rest of the object with electrical tape. Connect the POSITIVE 9 volt electric to the object. Connect the NEGATIVE 8 volt electric to a q-tip. Dip the q-tip into a salt water solution and let the electric pass across the liquid, No not touch the surface of the object. The longer you etch the deeper the etch becomes. Wipe off the salt water, remove the tape, and clean the image with acetone.
  7. I personally found it pretty amusing when he came home and showed mum all the things he had made. 1 x hand forged knife, 1 x hand forged throwing knife 1 x mostly finished short sword she was less than impressed, but I was pretty impressed with his first attempt at a knife. The throwing knife was pretty cool too just quietly, but that has already been "lost". Heck it beats sitting at home playing with his ipod.
  8. Hmmmm That's lunch time in Australia, I may be able to make it...
  9. Here is a video with some pictures of the event....
  10. Forge.... Packed Anvil.... Packed Tools.... Packed Steel.... Packed.... Forge building stuff.... Packed Camping gear... Packed I have a full 8 x 5 box trailer and Ute (pickup for the yanks) and I know I am forgetting something..... Oh yeah! Beer! :D See you all on the weekenbd
  11. Hi Folks, I will order the refractory tomorrow. So far I have 5 people confirmed... The three who saw me at menangle and Drewy and Ron.... anyone else please let me know asap.
  12. Hi Mate, I will find a suitable bottle for you and bring it down to moonies. I won't be available on the weekend, but if you want to come down someone should be home, or I can leave it out the front, if you want to go that way. Just let me know.
  13. OK Guys Just been getting some pricing together... Basically, if you want me organize the refractory for you, (on the weekend someone volunteered to pick it up for me, I need that person to contact me, it will save building in a freight charge) for a single 9kg cylinder forge with simple fiber board door it will cost $55 for the best, 160 density wool, 1600 Deg C fine grained castable floor, ridgidizer to coat the wool, and material for the door (s) This is my cost (actually a little less because some of it I already have left over from other jobs) I am doing a special Burner kit for the build trying to keep costs down as low as I possibly can. This price is only available for those attending Moonies this year. Basically for a simple system, that is, High pressure regulator, cylinder connection, high pressure, low temp hose, burner, burner tube and nozzle. Quarter turn ball valve, to allow easy and quick shut off. copper tube to keep hose away from the heat $150 Total $210 Retail value about $300 + There are several optional extras I would recommend you consider though, some will offer much better safety. Pressure Gauge, allows you to get repeat-ability quickly and easily. High Temperature Hose, better protection against damage. Pilot system to allow you to drop back to a pilot flame easily. Obviously these all add to the expense, but I would consider them all standard fare for my own forge contact me if you want a price and let me know if you want any of these add ons. I am not going for the cheapest forge with the system I have chosen. You can save money in lots of areas if you want, but I have selected the best quality base materials to build a forge that should give you years of reliable service.... It is EXCELLENT value for money, but no, not cheap.
  14. I have 3 people confirmed to do a forge build along on Saturday morning. I will only have enough gear for those that confirm before this friday. Time is running out! Around $200, you go home with a forge.
  15. I am looking after the kids all weekend.... so looks like we are all going out for a day at Menangle. Could not be better. See you Saturday.