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  1. cracked

    First tongs

    First tongs? Well done. I've seen a LOT worse then those for first time. Good job
  2. Nice work, lever idea looks great. as for handle, I was taught to Hacksaw by an old English tradesmen, he Always used a hacksaw with a handle like this. Said that it worked better, as you use it the same as you use a file. Same technique.
  3. Nice work, a little "tweaking" and your scorpion could be a bottle opener :-)
  4. cracked


    Congrats! I'm adopted, and no matter what "they" tell you, it's who brought you up rather than who gave birth to you. My birth mum is Leslie, but the lady who raised me will Always be MUM. Good luck, kids are the Best job & the Worst job in the world :)
  5. cracked

    Skunk Hollow Forge

    Should that be called " the begining" ???
  6. cracked


    I made a set of "Viking" tentpegs that were Very similar to these for a reenactor mate of mine.
  7. Fantastic! thanks for progress shots. Well done
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