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  1. I have no idea. Not sure if I even want to know either.
  2. Jeddly

    Mokume ring

    It was pretty easy actually. I'm assuming you have suitable coins across the pond? On a second note, I tried the sheet method, and it fused as well. But after marring, and trying to draw it out, the ends seem to have started to delaminate.
  3. Ah, like a sacrificial sleeve of sorts. I getcha. The hole was driled with a 1/2" drill bit, and I forgot about the oversize business of bolts. I put a piece of 1/2" bar stock in it and seems to pinch better. After that I cut the slit past the hole another 3/4". Seemed to do the trick. Thanks for all the advice guys. I appreciate it alot.
  4. The top portion of the pinch bolt hole is drilled oversize, compared to the threads on the lower portion. I'll try the round bar deal this evening. Thanks for the input fellas!! Edit: Would the arm being 1080 have anything to do with it?
  5. Thanks John. I had not thought of extending the slit past the axle hole. It makes sense. I don't really gather what the soft pellet comment was intending though.
  6. Hi, after doing some research, I decided to just build a KMG clone. The thing is closing on the backstretch, and I am having an issue with my tooling arm. I have used a wilton square wheel grinder before, and really like the interchangeability of tool rests and wheels/platens. So, my arm is drilled and tapped at the end, a half inch hole for tools/wheels, and I slit the bar with a portaband. My problem is that the pinch bolt will not lock the half inch bolt I am goint to use for wheels and such. After this failure, I decided to widen the gap with a cutoff wheel on my 4.5" grinder. Still no pinch. Any idears? Edited for pics cause everyone loves em.
  7. Jeddly

    Mokume ring

    I plan on it frosty. Should be home from work around that time.
  8. Jeddly

    Mokume ring

    I forgot to mention that I put paper between the quarters and steel. I just wish steel would act the same way.
  9. Jeddly

    Mokume ring

    I put the stack (4$) betwixt two pieces of 1/2" plate, and caged it in with some 1/8" strap. Once I saw them sweating, I pulled em out and tapped on the plate. After tapping, the strap bowed out a little. I knew they fused because the strap bowed out. Then it was a matter of getting the coins out of the cage and drawing out, twisting, etc.
  10. Jeddly

    Mokume ring

    Ask and ye shall recieve. I asked if she wanted me to smooth out all of the little hammer marks, but she declined, and said she likes them. She did however help with a little sanding and re-fitting. The ring was a little tight in this pic, so I adjusted it a little. Now its perfect. :)
  11. I wouldn't be offended by blood and bone. And I think that group of hogs would interract well with some well placed explosives. Or maybe a submachine gun. Oh yea, nice blades!
  12. Jeddly

    Rusted Old Tongs

    I just overtightened my favorite tongs the other day. What I did was I took a little chisel, and lightly tapped the joinery a little bit to spread them back out. Worked like a charm.
  13. Jeddly

    Mokume ring

    Hi guys and gals, thought I would share a piece I made for my daughter. I did up a stack of quarters the other day, and made a ring. After cubing the fused quarters, I drawed them out, did a twist, and re-flattened the bar. After this, I slit the bar and drifted to fit her little finger.
  14. I really like them! The one in the barrel reminded me of a Dune worm though. But Dune worms don't have arms. Lol Either way, I think they're great!
  15. Thanks for the tips guys. I've almost got all the scratches out of the blade. I messed up the handle already. When I ground the tang, it was sorta tapered, and I didn't do a good enough job matching the wood to the taper. I'll do better next time for sure. For now, I'll just call my mistakes 'custom made inclusions'. lol
  16. It was marked 'Asian Satinwood'. I picked it up at a Woodcrafters store while on a trip to Oklahoma last year. I wish we had a store like that up here. So far, I have sanded it with 600 grit, and it is pretty smooth. Feels like satin. Whodathunk? I want to polish it, but that means I need to find a buffing wheel. :)
  17. Which alter ego are you wanting? I have many... :)
  18. A little progress on my knife. I was bored today so I started the woodwork.
  19. Hey check it out! I made a little pocket scribe and a couple lockdown dealie-bobs for a project. The scribe is a tapered piece of snowmachine spring (rear). HT'd and it scratches steel nicely. The others are just mild. I wanted to put ball ends on them, but obviously, I need more practice.
  20. I would get the drift first. Woodwork seems easier for me than metalwork. YMMV
  21. Nah. My monel is doing the same thing as yours is. -_-
  22. I have no way of dealing with an 11,000 lb piece of steel.
  23. Well poop. Guy miss-measured. Its 8'x23'. And 11k lbs. Also 8+ hour drive away. Guess I'll keep lookin. :[
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