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  1. Too bad they couldn't execute their plans. Talk about stringing us along! It is hard to turn ideas into a business... I wonder if they should just sell plans... Or open it up for benefit of the community. If you look at past innovators in our community, they sold plans, demonstrated at Abana conferences, etc.. Think air hammers, forges, presses, burners, etc.. We can still hope, but looking more like a dream
  2. What a long wait this has been. I hope we are in the home stretch. The one I bought from Grant is starting to act up. I bought a huge cooler for it (25 gallon dynaflux) hoping it would be happy, but maybe not. I definitely am looking forward to Daniel and Josh amazing machine!
  3. Let 'em finish something for us folks in the states first! Then they can worry about other voltages! :-)
  4. I learned today that Sherri Riggs passed yesterday morning. Sherri was a long time member of SWABA and a recognized artist. Her work is featured in "Passion and Power" along with that of several other New Mexico blacksmiths. I did not know Sherri but thought others might want to hear the sad news. -Tod
  5. You might ask courtiron about the siliconized sleeve he uses for his coils. See the thread "Where o where induction forge" where he discusses it and his coils in more detail.
  6. Some commercial coatings (definitely dipped) act as insulators so you can't short the coil. I'm not sure how necessary. -Tod
  7. I want to second the suggestion of learning how to weld with oxy/acetylene torch. Then you can step up from there to TIG very easily. I think a welder is definitely needed if you plan to make any tools.
  8. Thomas and I got some wire yesterday! Amusing to me that a quick search brought me to a link saying that he's been hunting for some, :). What have you used your wire for? -Tod
  9. I also agree with Glenn. I remember quite well the day I saw Fred's collection, and it wasn't feelings of anger or envy that I felt -- rather awe! It was an amazing experience -- I think Frank posting those pictures of his recent trip is evidence of this as well. Sure -- I'd love some of that stuff...I don't have a cone, don't have a swage block larger than half a loaf of bread, etc., etc., but I treasure what I do have, and acquired it bit by bit, purchase by purchase, over the course of going on twenty years now. Every anvil/shop/tool-collection has a story -- I don't much of Fred's, but I'm quite grateful he let me take a look!
  10. PM sent. Have you considered running this as a Kickstarter project? -Tod
  11. Great read. I own a 15K unit, one of the ones that broke and Grant fixed... will be nice if we get a USA heater in production -- also we don't need all the bells and whistles on the imports. Larry -- can you post a few photos of your coils? Would be most interested to see them. I'm in need of some kind of solution for heating very small tips -- I find myself waiting more to heat small pieces, than large ones, :-) -Tod
  12. Yep, get it... a few months after I sprang for a brand new Nimba 260, I was at a demo where the 450 was offered for $500 by the shop owner who had come to believe it was too soft -- I responded without even thinking that I would buy it ... and I must say that I like the bigger one better, :-) no regrets at all. -Tod
  13. Hi Thomas, It has been on the Swaba page for a few weeks now! As far as it being cobbled together -- I have no idea, could be... the dies certainly are out of alignment. I don't have any other pictures, the hammer needs pulled out of where it is -- perhaps some interest will motivate the seller to get better pictures, etc!
  14. Discovered a guy down the road has a Kerrihard 30 pound power hammer for sale, he mentioned $2000 but I don't know how firm that is. I took a picture. I have no interest in this sale, but will forward his phone number to you via private message. Location is Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know the hammer needs a new motor, otherwise I don't know its condition -- as is obvious from the picture, it is stored in a shed, and non-operational. I don't think the owner ever had it working. -Tod
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