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    It looks simular to a rasing hammer
  2. I live by the beautiful blue waters of the Colorado River. The best that my partner at the time and I could come up with was RIVER FORGE. Colorado River Forge is just to much to say at one time, so we made it simple and to the point.
  3. cut a piece about 8" long lightly tap the outside of the ends and close up where it looks like a wenee. drill a 1/4" hole in each end and run a 1/4" brass rod through. It. Instant cattail stem. just add some long slender leaves cut from a couple of the other pipe you have and flatten them out. weld to the stem. add a few lilly pads for around the base maybe hammer out a insect of some sort and zowee ya got instant art
  4. I live next to the Colorado River. RIVER FORGE what else.
  5. az-joe


    belt buckle 3 inchesw accross
  6. wayne our prayers is for you and family AZ-JOE
  7. hello joe and merry chirstmas to you.i am sorry i am late in getting back to you but i have a new problem and i cant get out of bed.i am horiable dizzy.i am going to the hospital tomarrow to talk about skin grafts and i am going to ytell them about that.i will let you know ok.chirstmass was ok here even one of the nurses gave me a beautiful hand made quilt.they love there daddy.i gave my g/d a carhart coat when she opened toe package she yelled carhart.she really likes them.i got her two tee shirts in bright lemon and bright green same colors they were on heavy highway work.on the shirts it says i work hard because i wear carhart. ok joe i must get some rest chat latter aqnd tnx for the great card .you aare going to have to tell me how you did it .the nurses liked it ..night joe Any Word from any of us is really welcomed by Hotforge. It gets so lonely in a hospital Joe Donathan (Az-Joe)________________________________________________
  8. az-joe

    Hotforge 101

    Talked to Ed today 12/15/06 He is in good spirits. Not much Improvements if any. He sure was glad to hear from me and Jr. He got a stomach virus and says they pretty well have that under control. Is pumping antibotics in him about 8 hours a day. It sure would give the man a lift mentally if you all would give him just a little positive call or send a get well card. Please remember him in your prayers. It is so easy to give a lift to a sick person with just about 10 minutes of ones time. That isn't to much to ask is it? Joe Donathan
  9. az-joe

    Hotforge 101

    hello joe so much to tell u. i was in the hospital for 9 weeks.one morning when i was making breakfast for alexis i lost all use for my right leg.so like a fool i waited 3 days before i did any thing.i was dragging my leg behind me.my doctor was gone away and his nurse went crazy ,she told me i could be having a major stroke coming on.when shawn came home from work he took me right to to the hospital.he stayed for two hours and i sent him home.it was 3 am and they just got me into my room .i went sour big time on them . they put an rn to stay by my side all night and she was in costant touch with my doctor till he came back at 7 am. four times he came back to the hospital and he had to travel a 50 mile round tripeach time.my whitecells had a count over 100,000.it took 3 days to stabellize me.once everything came undercontrol they started to treat me. the surgeon sent me down to the or to debreve my big toe it was loaded with gangarene,he ended up taking the big toe off and also a large part of the side of the foot.all loooked good untill the foot was not getting the right blood flow. the bottom of the foot has a very large hole in it to you can see the bone in the top of the foot.as i was saying i was getting poor blood flow to the bottom of the foot.a week latter i went in and had a double leg blood flow that made me very ill. i was in icu almost a week'its still not over. about two weeks latter my nurse was bringingme back from an x ray and she seen puss coming out between two toes.we got back to my room and she called the surgone he sent me for x rays. well bright and early my doctor and the surgeon came to my room they looked like two undertakers.they talked to me and 3 days latter they took off the rest of my toes and a large part of my foot.i suffred a lot .now i am in a rehab center about 35 miles from were i live.they got me walking a little bit and i got a contract with new england as a place kicker.they are feeding me about 3 quarts of antibiotics in a 24 hour period.i will be here for about 7 more weeks. i was only home for thanks giving.the address here is golden living center tunkhannock 30 virginia drive tunkhannock ,pa.18657.. ok i hope to hear from you all soon .please take care hotforge aka ed hotforge 101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheap Talk? Check out Yahoo! Messenger's low PC-to-Phone call rates.
  10. recieved a e-mail today from Ed he isn't doing to well Has lost most of one foot and is in some kind of recovery place He would like your prayers and to hear from you all. He was in the hospital nine weeks. It doesn't look to good for him. Please set down and write him a note at the following address it sure would go a long ways in helping his attitude and recovery. Golden Living Center Ed Viadock tunkhannock 30 Virginia Drive Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657 570-836-2526 Az-Joe Joe Donathan
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