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Any ideas what this would be used for?

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i have seen a hammer like that at a flea market, but the guy was asking more then i wanted to pay for it. interesting looking hammer though.

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I agree with Bob. Unless it's been re-handled, it should have "Bell System" stamped on the handle. I have a Bell System claw hammer and some other tools such as screwdrivers etc. All have "Bell System" stamped on them somewhere. They were very meticulous in identifying their tools. Guess it's so the.... current owner knows where they came from :rolleyes:

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Mainely, Bob should get a prize for the correct answer. Not only is it handy for screwing in clinbing rungs but it is also handy for doing a little bending of conduit and what I used mine for was bending hot iron :blink:

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I have a similar hammer with a straight peen, was told by several folks that it is a lineman's hammer, used to twist in threaded step bars into wooden line poles.. the steps have an "L" bent into the end that keep the lineman's feet from slipping off-the hammer's hole fits over this "L" and is used to thread the bar into the pole...

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I have a three pound straight pein hammer that looks exactly like the one shown.

It's marked STANLEY, but I suspect it was made for Bell.

Found it at a garage sale and paid a dollar for it.
Handle was broken but otherwise in excellant shape.

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