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  1. I just made a little one out of an old bolt for a pipe flange, nothing special but I heat treated it using the directions here and ground it smooth. Works pretty good but if I don't do it quick it tries to bend on me.
  2. Thank y'all, I appreciate the feed back. I have finally made me a set of tongs, not the greatest by any means but they serve their purpose.
  3. I've been doing this for 8 weeks every other week because of work, so 4 weeks actually, and this is what I've done so far. The fire poker was my very first project, then the Love Cross, then the heart, then the Hope Cross, the knife, and finally the hot cut. I've also been trying to do some tongs but that isn't going so well. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks
  4. That's a skill I want to learn, but can't right now, and in my current position at work I won't be able to take any classes for it either, I do 12hr shift work. On another note something I didn't mention before, the duct/hood will vent out the side of the shop, not the roof, if that matters.
  5. No skills, not yet. I'll research some and see if I can't figure something out. I appreciate the info.
  6. I'm new to all this and I've just managed to get almost everything I need to start working metal. I've read tons on these forums and other sites but I'm struggling with one kinda important aspect of my shop. I haven't measured it but I'd say it's probably 12X20, not real big. Just a little metal building I'm going to be using as my shop. I live in South Texas where it is very very hot and humid so I'm trying to figure out how to get good ventilation above my forge. Duct and all that seems cheap enough, but I can't find an actual hood, and as of yet I don't have the tools to even attempt to bu
  7. That's still months away if not years (hopefully not) but thank you, I'll try and remember the offer. Though your actually like 6 hours I think, I've made the drive twice and can't remember for sure.
  8. I'm trying, but dang it if I'm not excited about all this. I've been interested in this since before I got out of school. My back up plan is/was this, http://www.oldworldanvils.com/anvils/4x4.html I figure that is a great place to start but again, I don't want to learn bad habits or waste time and money. I think I have a pretty good mind for this, I just have to get started. In a few months I want to take some welding classes and I've been looking at a couple schools like Brain Brazeal's or Turley Forge to attend to get me a good foundation. Other than that just practice. But as always y'all
  9. Yea I looked at the TPAAAT, and I've been searching some. I've always been interested in blacksmithing but I've never had a house or rather that just the opportunity to finally do it, and that will change Friday so I've been looking for a couple weeks now. I called those folks that have that collection Black Frog, and they do have some really nice ones. and would probably be worth every cent, but they want $5-6 dollars a pound for anything they consider good or better condition. Maybe not a bad price, but out of my league right now.
  10. Thank y'all for the info, I think I will take y'all's advice.
  11. I've been searching for an anvil for a little while now, like alot of folks and I came across this. The guy wants $850 for it all which seems reasonable but I'm not real sure it's what I need. I am at the beginner of beginner stage of all this so I I just don't have the knowledge to say if it this is what I need. I want to do normal blacksmith work, of course a few knives and such, but I want to make door and drawer pulls, and stuff like that and on to bigger and better things. So on that as far as I've read a farrier anvils are meant for light forging I believe, so would this be good for me?
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