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kaowool suppliers???


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In order of preference, look for a refractory supplier near you. They probably won't be listed as such so look for furnace suppliers, heating suppliers, wood stove suppliers, etc. Even if they don't carry ceramic blanket or use it they should be able to tell you who does. If they do use the products themselves they may be willing to sell you what you want or even let you go through their rems for free.

Be sure to tell them what you're doing, every refractory, furnace, heating, ceramics, etc. supplier I've ever talked to is into fire, the hotter the better so a forge furnace is right up their ally.

Online suppliers like Jay Hayes and Larry Zoeller are reliable honest guys but they have to make their margin so there's a reasonable markup. The big advantage is you can talk to them and get honest knowledgeable answers as to what you'll need, how to use it and so forth. That's a plus.

Next down my list are ceramics suppliers. While they may carry refractories I've found their markup is in the 100%+ range. Here locally I can buy 1" 8oz. Kaowool from EJ Bartells for about $175-200/sq/ft. I haven't bought any in a while so it's undoubtably gone up. At the same time the ceramics suppliers were charging from $5.00-7.50/sq/ft. for the same stuff. however, if it's the only port in the storm. . .

Ebay, I've never even looked on Ebay so I can't say.

Good luck

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Had a roll--50sqft donated to our cast iron repair/welding workshop this past weekend and then sold it all afterwards for $2.00sqft. That is what the gentleman that donated it said it was worth. New in the box 2600F rating. sold every inch and $$ went to the Saltfork group.

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