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I used to be a file ... tanto


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Ok I'm looking for some suggestions here, should I leave the file "remnants" for character or grind them away ? What do you think ?



Well it depends on what you intend to do with it. I like to leave the file traces in place and it seems to add to the intrest in the knife. OTH, if you think that you are dealing with Japanese Knife style purists then you will need to take it off.

Personally I have very mixed feelings about "reproduction" designs.

I like to show the origin of the material if it is relevant to what I might want to say about the kife.
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Some threads are like that. They come back up later. Even if it doesn't help the original poster anymore it still helps everybody else.

Personally I feel that a utility type knife can have artifacts from its origin, but a highly defined style of knife should be finished in its style.


Rereading the post, you ARE the original poster, got a pic of the finished knife with its furniture on it?

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