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Fogg style forge


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The idea behind this type forge is to burn the oxy out as completely as possible before it contacts the steel.

An easy way to get a narrow heat from a propane forge is with a brick pile forge. It's a refractory table with any number of fire bricks you can stack as you want and poke the appropriate number of burners in.

What you do is place three fire bricks on the table, two on edge next to each other with one end open about 1 1/2" and the other a little narrower than the area you want to heat. Place brick #3 on top for a lid. Place your burner in the wide end and light it off.

This will heat a narrow section of stock.


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my waste oil forge is based on this shape. It's great for blades, not that I do much bladework, and other straight or small pieces. I can get a concentrated 6 or 7 inch heat on straight or slightly wiggly pieces.
However, I find that a solid fuel (for me it's charcoal and cut up biomass) is infinitely better for working non-straight pieces, like getting a specific heat on a certain part of a scroll, or for heating small pieces like short hooks without having them drop into the bottom of the forge.

Be merry,
good luck,

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