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What are these tools?

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The tube dishing tools can be easily made from various sizes of Schedule 40 pipe. That sweet little dishing hammer is now on my list of hammers to make. The tool used in the first segment is a monkey tool . Just a hole the size of your tenon drilled into a piece of bar stock. It should also have a small hole drilled in from the side to let out crud. While the maker was doing assembly he also used a rivet tool to be sure that his pieces were seated properly on the tenon. Scrolling pliers are fairly easy to make . Just small tongs with conical grippers. You can also modify a pair of cheap needle nose pliers.

Does that cover all of it?


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in Marks class you have to make the tools before you can make the rose ...the scroll tongs are, if I remember correctly, you start with 24 inches 3/8 x 1 inch stock and hammer down 1 1/4 inch about half way to start the point ...make the tong joint draw the handle out to 3/8x3/8 then turn end around and do the other end to match. If you don't have the dishing tools you can use the pricatal hole in your anvil or a log ...I bet Mark will be along in a bit and tell you all about it

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