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Hi! All,

We successfully developed and commissioned a Self Fabricated power Hammer for forging gears wheel blanks up to 450 kg weight. Now we are looking for software for designing dies for material saving and die life, wherein we can feed the proof machined drawing of the gear and the program generates the die design/dimensions. Can any body suggest some such software.


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Deform 3D
Have a look there, it's not a die-making software but I think it can help you to see how the material behaves in the die during the stamping process to select the better die design...
They also provide a heat-treating simulation module.
Solidworks has some specific die-making features I haven't used but I think you can make the die from the 'finished product' with it... Others here may know...

Could we have some pics of your hammer ? Edited by Madmike
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Tom Ellinghausen who is the sales rep for QFORM is pretty decent fellow, I have had a free trial from Tom, the QFORM has some little programming peculiarities but once you get the hang of them you canso lots of crazy stuff with it. Deform is good but very expensive, it has some cool features like roll forming sims and machining sims. i know that they are working on a heat treat program as well.
try NagForge as well they are popular in Japan buthow strong their support in North America is i dont know. hope you find what you need!

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I use Solidworks a solid modeling program. There is a die design addin that comes with Solidworks office,although I have not used it I would assume that it be as versitle and usable as the rest of Solidworks. Solidworks is also FULLY parametric meaning that any part can be defined in multiple configurations driven by and Excel spread sheet. Part dimesions and geometry can also be driven by other parts.

Solidworks is very intuative and easy to learn but it is not cheap.


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