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Wrought iron on TV

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Evidently there's a TV producer or director or someone important enough to have a say who likes wrought iron. I think it was the fourth or fifth time we watched the Mentalist when I noticed they were shooting through a really nice wrought iron gate. Then two or three times later in the episode they shot excellent views of some railings

So, I started looking for it and sure enough there's some very nice wrought iron in every episode, usually prominently displayed; the victim takes a dive over the railing, the main stake out is in a restaurant surrounded by nice wrought. And so on.

More than once the camera's been focused on the joinery and details instead of a character in the show before or after doing a fade.

They've hooked me. Then again I'm easy.


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The "Mentalist" just started here in Oz, I haven't watched it yet, but I'll check it out. I noticed on the show "Life" the lead actor has a nice set of gates at the front entrance to his house.

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