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I Forge Iron

Need ideas for forging an 'open book'

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I want to forge a book to accent a piece of artwork. The book needs to be opened up and approx 3" tall by 4.25" wide by .5" thick. This would be an element that I would use numerous time if I can produce it efficiently. Problem is it needs to have enought detail to be recognizable as a book!!.

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You could probably use two pieces of angle iron put together like //. Use wider stock for the cover and use a chisel to put the page detail along the inside piece. Then forge out on the anvil to get the opening and shape you want.

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Aarrggg....Frosty you should never have shown me that link on fold-forming.. Like most men, I'm easily distracted by shinny objects -- I want to try that real bad....focus focus

Irnsrgn......PERFECT for what we need to do which is John 3:16

Thanks, Keith

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My pleasure Keith, anything to give a fellow an excuse to NOT take out the garbage, etc.

Modified T fold for the book would be where I'd start.

Excellent Jr. Another pic I'm not going to show Deb, my honey do list is long enough already thank you.


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