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I Forge Iron

Broken cast vice

philip in china

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It also leaves you with an acme screw and hopefully nut.

I can't think of something to do with the swivel base right off the top of me pointy outside the obvious things like. A swivel base for a heavy duty pitch bowl or engraving vise but either of those work just dandy, maybe better in a ring stand.

I'll think on it though.


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It's for doing Repousse and chasing. Basically a heavy bowl you melt pitch into, you then stick a sheet of metal to it with a torch and using polished blunt chasing chisels you incise, emboss and otherwise hammer designs and details into the metal.

The pitch provides support with a specific amount of give. There are lots of various grades of pitch with different properties. The pitch bowl is usually mounted in a spherical object that rests in a doughnut shaped holder or ring stand.

Bowling balls with a flat sawn in them resting on a shot filled wheel barrow inner tube work quite well. There are lots of alternatives.

Often you'll simply melt the pitch over an area when doing large pieces and move around it rather than move the work.

Here are some examples.

Pitch & Pitch Bowl Kits : Stamping - Pitch, Pitch Bowl Kits, Chasing Tools, Karat Stamps & Design Stamps : Tools & Metals : Otto Frei Pitch & Pitch Bowl Kits - Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Supplies, and Findings

[Ganoksin] Pitch Bowls and Alternatives for Jewelers

I highly recommend reading some of Charles Lewton Brain's materials, "Fold Forming" is really enjoyable he invented the process.

Pitch/Pitch Bowl Kits

Chasing Tools. Chasing Stamps,* Pitch, Pitch Bowls, etc.

The above shows some examples of chasing tools too. As you can imagine a person with a forge, hammer and something to polish them up with, doesn't need to buy chasing tools. Old allen wrenches make excellent chasing tools.

Altoid tins are perfect for practicing chasing and repousse on, at least here in the states where Altoids are available at any mom and pop store. Cookie tins are perfect too being deep draw steel.

The pic is my second attempt at repousse and chasing using a cookie tin.



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Two guys encountered a bear like that. The first said “What do you think we should do? Second guy said “I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna run for it.” First guy said “you can’t outrun an adult grizzly!” Second guy said “I only have to outrun YOU!”

Seriously, nice work, Frost!

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