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I Forge Iron

some picture of my blacksmith shop

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Thanks, the flue is a 4x8 foot sheet of 14 gauge steel, sheared length wise and broke the same, it has a flange to bolt to the top of the chamber. I made a smoke shelf inside. it works really good, in the winter it sucks all the heat out of the shop to. as I stand there sweating facing the fire, my back feels like I have ice on it from the draft going by. I painted it with that P.O.R. high heat paint, it works well, the only place where the paint failed was the bottom of the cut out. if any one wants diminsions let me know, I can post what it is.

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Is the last photo a metal cutting device? I would like one of those!!! Do you think their easy to make? Nice shop man!! Welcome to IFI.

The floor shear? Thats the baby, I have another one at least double that size, maybe close to 800 to 1000 pounds. I use tha one as much as any tool in my shop. it is easy to work, no electric.. I guess you could say its a cordless shear.:D . it will cut 1/4" plate with ease. 1/2x1/2 is no problem. I dont see to many around for sale much, maybe on ebay. I also have a big floor mounted angle iron cutter.
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