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I Forge Iron

hello from Idaho.

brother john

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Hello all. I live in the Idaho Panhandle out of Priest River. I've made some wood stoves & lots of other fabricated projects, repaired lots of broken stuff,made a few hand-wrought iron articles, and most recently decided to get into making knives. It seems about time to do something not so heavy & more pleasant of a challenge. I beat out some damascus steel from harrow discs & lumber mill band-saw blade using a propane forge with two Zoeller-style burners. I took its' temperature which was 2400 F. That's two burners with a 5 gal. propane tank body laying horizontal lined with 2" of Kaowool. It has a 4" square hole in each end. Next is getting the blades ground. Maybe I'll get more done this week. At least I'm making progress. We're having fun anyhow.

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Welcom the the group
Often though it would be nice to live in an area of cheap scrap lumber saw blades but then it was nice to live here in Minnesota the home of cheap little giant hammers.
Of course that was years ago as the price has gone up considerably when you can find one.

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Welcome to the gang Brother John, glad to have ya.

Lots of bladesmiths hanging out here so I'm sure you can find out what you need to know, get ideas, etc.

If you'll click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location folk close to you will be able to get in contact if they find a good tool, supplies, for hands on help, etc. That and us old farts won't have to try remembering who's in the area when we're traveling and want a snack or need a place to nap.


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