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Off topic: Site question

Paul B

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There recently was a shutdown of the forum, I think, maybe it was just my system. When it came back on it is very slow, is anyone else having trouble? When I clicked the new post tab to make this post, it took 48 seconds for this screen to come up. This seems to be the only site I visit that I'm having this trouble. How is everyone elses machines responding?

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Up until tonight I've had that same problem intermittently. But to night it takes anywhere from 40 sec to a minute for every page to load. Why its like being back on dial-up. I thought that it was just me. I have tried several different sites and didn't experience this type of delays. I'm using Firefox Browser V3.0.5.

Not sure but maybe Glen is having network issues with the site?

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I was talking to Glenn a couple days ago and mentioned it, he said he'd have Andrew check into it. Mine was loading super slowly too, sometimes stalling out completely but it seems to be reasonably fast now.

The slow loading was happening to me for a while prior to the system rework they just did.


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