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Hi everybdy. I'm new.
A beginner also. Naturally, a ton of concerns.
Do gas forges pose a major risk for the unexperienced?
What type to get (general work, ornamental, later maybe some blades).
The only place I know is Centaur. Trying to find out if they ship
to the Caribbean (I'm in Puerto Rico).
Any hints and advice will be appreciated,

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Welcome to the gang Wiend, glad to have you.

Centaur ships but I don't know about to the Carribean. You can always ask them, they're pretty friendly. Peih tool sponsors a section on IFI and I'm sure they'd be happy to talk to you as well.

Something that'll help right off is if you click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location. It'll make it a lot easier for folk to remember where you live so the ones close enough or visiting your area can visit or help directly.

I'm sure nobody in the snowbound portions of the US would even consider missing out on our winter fun to traipse off to the Carribean warmth. Still, if we KNEW somebody who lives there and needed a hand we might, MIGHT mind you, consider it.

It warmed up to 19f this morning and it's almost 20 right now.


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Peih tool sponsors a section on IFI Frosty

Frosty, Peih DOES NOT sponsor, and has never sponsored any part of IForgeIron. That is not to sound harsh toward Peih, only to say that they are not associated with IForgeIron in any way.
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