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1930 Soderfors anvil refurbished

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Happy New Year all!

Thought I'd share the progress on fixing my new anvil. After getting some hints from this forum on fixing some problems with this anvil, I've made a little headway in getting it refurbished. This is a 1930 125 lb Soderfors from Sweden that I purchased for $90 at a garage sale. Some previous owner had used it as a welding & cutting table so it had cuts, welds and spatter over most of the working surface.

After knocking what I could of the spatter off, I ran it through electrolysis to remove the rust, sludge and paint. I brushed it down and filed the high welds and spatter down almost flush. I then used a belt sander with fine grade paper to lightly sand it smooth and even (just the damage, I didn't reshape the surface). I used oil and stone to remove the sanding traces. I did not attempt to fill any of the cuts.

After several folks advised me to leave it painted to protect it, I primed and painted it machinery gray and coated the metal with ATF. My final step to get it working will be to mount it on a large post oak stump on our ranch in Texas. I'm not a blacksmith, I just use the anvil to repair our old farm equipment as you can't find or afford the parts now days. My other anvil is a 148 lb Peter Wright. Hope yall enjoy the new year.





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Welcome aboard Welder Dave, good to have you.

If you'll click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location you'll discover all the guys close enough to get together with. Us old farts will be able to find you easier when we're traveling and need a tasty snack or nap.


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