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Hey everyone! My name is Jason and I am new to Blacksmithing in general. I recently bought a forge setup with an exhaust hood and Champion 400 hand crank blower and I picked up a small anvil with an extra horn and pritchel hole off of the side. ( ive been told its a carriage makers anvil, or a mouse hole anvil?) It cleaned up very nice with a wire brush and some elbow grease. I have come across a few decent pairs of tongs and have modifided them to work on the small projects ive tried, which include small hooks with rat tail ends or twists. I made a nail heading tool after watching an experienced smith at the farmers museum bang nails out like nothing. I soon found out that it wasnt too easy at first. I think I made 15 or so before i made a good one!! hahaha. I am very interested in learning all I can about smithing so any info or comments are appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome hayseed,

You'll find smiths of every experience level here. To give you fair warning, you might want to pack a lunch and bring along a tall cold drink before you start digging into this site very far... that warning was given to me and all I can say is I paced myself...

Look forward to seeing you around IFI.

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