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I Forge Iron

my first work

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Nice spike knife....that was also my first project. Why a new forge? Are you now able to get white hot? I can't seem to get past bright orange heat yet.....burners need more tweaking methinks!

I made the new forge because the other one was not working like i thought it should. For one, my burner was right in the middle of the forge. Also, after adding the kaowool, I only had a few inches wide in the forge. My new one is bigger and I positioned the burner at the top to roll the flame.

I have not reached white hot yet, but my regulator got stuck. I got to get another one Monday. I am also going to make a coal forge in the next few weeks ....I hope

Thanks for the comments
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do you have any coating on that ceramic blanket in the forge? if not buy itc100 and apply it ASAP. ceramic insulation(kaowool, inswool) is a respiratory hazard when hot, plus the flames will ruin it in no time flat.

I don't have a coating on the blanket. I wear a mask, because I was told about the respirtory hazard. I was also told the fire wouldn't hurt the kaowool. If this is not the case I will get some coating. Any leads on where to buy it?

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