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  1. Here is what I have done. I made the tools for the veins.
  2. Those do look great. I expect some help on making some at the next meeting. Did you see my new anvil and stuff? It's on anvil id
  3. I want to post some pictures, but got that fatel error message. Anyone got any other ways to post pictures?
  4. tried to upload photos, but kept getting a fatal error. Not sure what to do now.
  5. Can you put a square nail in a round hole?????????J/K:)
  6. i'm sure this has been asked before, but didn't see it as I looked. It's funny all these neww anvils have appered. I got one today. Not sure what brand it is. It looks like it has a LMF on it. My bathroom scale says it weighs 175 lbs. Can anyone tell me what kind it is or how much it's worth. I guy gave me the anvil (by the way it looks almost new) and 4 pairs of tongs with germany stamped on them. He also gave me a pole vise and a big hammer. He is checking on a forge with blower and all. God is good. thanks for your help
  7. look cool to me. I have made a couple, but i haven't put an edge on them yet.
  8. looks great!!! What welding process did you use to put the pieces together?(forge weld, wire weld, etc.?) Thanks, Aman
  9. We indeed had a great turnout and we had alot of fun. Can't wait till next meeting.
  10. LDW

    Who is myers4768, do you know? I just got a private message from him asking about dues.

  11. Looking forward to it. Do we bring our own tools (not that I have alot) or will we use theirs? Thanks Aman
  12. Pictures......I need pictures.... thanks
  13. I don't have a coating on the blanket. I wear a mask, because I was told about the respirtory hazard. I was also told the fire wouldn't hurt the kaowool. If this is not the case I will get some coating. Any leads on where to buy it? Thanks, Aman
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