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Howdy rdbrnr!
Welcome to Iforgeiron!
I gather from your login name that you are an arc welder.
Along with blacksmithing, we also talk about arc welding, A/O torches, mig, etc....most anything to do with metalworking, actually.
You'll fit right in.........

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thanks jayco although i do arc weld we also mig tig we being my son and i had welding comp any he wanted more money and became a union ironworker we still do aconsiderable amount of work just not commercialy anymore i have shod horses for the past 30
+years mostly on standardbred race horse where my blacksmithing began as we handmade all the shoes that we put on this is the first year that i have used pre punched shoes (horseshoes with nail hole already in them) would like to learn more blacksmithing not just horseshoes again thanks for the kind words

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