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  1. welcome jesse being a half way biker welder and I a guess blacksmith glad to see you on here XXX XXX XXXXXXX we are what we are welcome
  2. those nc anvils are nice little anvils they are light the calvary is heavier and has a rounder horn out of the two the calvary would probaly be best choice also look at jhm anvils and emerson while still technicaly a horseshoer anvil they are pretty nice
  3. thanks mark it looked to be a good deal the fella wanted something lighter he could move around
  4. thanks for the reply this one has the handling hole also i traded a small hay budden for it i guess i did alright thanks again
  5. tell me about them i have heard of them but dont know anything about them have hay buddens and kohlswa and others but just picked up a 349 pound paragon
  6. to whitebear and all i did not want to offend either i have personaly made a good living at this for a loooong time with a few forays into other ventures i wish hammerkid and anyone else all the best in this buisness and now to make everyone mad if it hadnt been for horseshoers who continued where would blacksmithing be today? isee alot of our blacksmiths kinda look down on horseshoers or adamntly claim they dont shoe horses but when you take a piece of steel and forge and properly apply it to a horses foot what are we but not alittle of both plus alittle vet knowledge doesent hurt !!!!
  7. chris good luck on your adventure that is what horseshoeing and blacksmithing can be i have shod horses for about 35 years now and it is a good honest profession yhe politics can get into it as you can already see from some of the posts doug butler is not a vet chris is excellant so is mitchcraig trnka started the wcb and it is good the afa is good but not without problems cjf at 16 i am not sure about i know it happened but you cant get under enough horses by that age just my opinion, ihave shod horses from new mexico to new york and to florida mostly standardbred race horses with some sport horses thrown in again good luck and if i can help you feel free to call or pm iam not real good on this thing 386 749 4119:)
  8. yes we still do brand cattle and some places horses the upperlip tatto has gone out of favor in the standardbreds they are all freeze branded old saying trust your neighbor but brand your cattle still applies
  9. rdbrnr


    well i like ollies ideathere good to have round been shoeing for about 35 years and that started blacksmithing made all our shoes orderd steel instead of made shoes oh and yes i have 5 all working ranch horses 7 head of cow dogs and about 150 cows more or less i am either under one oron one and then we have the welding shop
  10. yes metal muncher it is for shoeing it is called a loop knife they have gotten real popular of late most dont have the hoof pick built in them
  11. thanks jayco although i do arc weld we also mig tig we being my son and i had welding comp any he wanted more money and became a union ironworker we still do aconsiderable amount of work just not commercialy anymore i have shod horses for the past 30 +years mostly on standardbred race horse where my blacksmithing began as we handmade all the shoes that we put on this is the first year that i have used pre punched shoes (horseshoes with nail hole already in them) would like to learn more blacksmithing not just horseshoes again thanks for the kind words
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