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What steel is this?


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I have been around for awhile, but never posted on this forum before.
I have some metal cutting bandsaw blades, 1 1/4" wide that is marked
Omada MGLB 5-7P.

I have heated it to non-magnetic and cooled it overnite in a bucket of vermicalite. I then broke a piece. It broke almost straight across like a file would.

What I would like to know is if this is suitable metal to make a fillet blade.

I was not able to post a photo.


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The process you performed was annealing which would have softened normal carbon steel of those dimensions to where you couldnt have broken it, it would have just bent. So i would guess its some kind of air hardening steel which i don't think is the kind normally used to make knives.

However it you want to make a fillet knife, which is usually thin and flexible then that steel is already the shape you need almost. Maybe you could just grind it to shape (if you have any left that you havent heated) keeping it cool while you grind. No reason to re-heat-treat.

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Welcome aboard Leroy, glad you delurked.

Feukair pretty well covered your question, it's most likely air hardening steel.

However, if you'll click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location you'll probably find folk living close enough to lend you a hand personally. It also makes it easier for us old farts to remember who is where when we're traveling, I never know when I might need a nap or hot lunch.


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