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New EDC/Utility

Graham Fredeen

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Well folks, I finally decided to come back around here after some time away. Got back into the shop after a very long and even more unpleasent time span. I have never hated life more than when I am away from the shop, the withdrawl symptoms are horrible ;). I have had this one rough forged and partially ground since sometime in late summer and its been a super long time since I have done a full tang, so I thought it would be the first to jump on to get back into the feel of things. I really had to sweet talk my KMG and give it some proper love before it would forgive me from neglecting it for so long ;). After about a good 4 or 5 months without really grinding anything much it felt like I had to re-teach myself everything from the beginning :rolleyes:. I am going to keep this one for myself, figured it was about time that I made myself a knife for EDC, and I figure it couldn't hurt advertising if I actually had a knife I made with me at all times for potential customers to see. This is the first knife I have made with a blade short enough to comply with general carry / concealed carry laws here, or I would have been packing my own work for some time.

Anyway, here is the result,

Forged 5160, edge-quenched, full tang
Blade length: 3.5"
OAL: 8.5"
Black canvas micarta grip scales
Mild steel bolster w/filework and mild steel pins

Anyway, let me know what you all think, the good and/or the bad.





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