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Hello everyone. My name is Ron and I have done a bit of smithing in the past and am now in the process of putting a new shop together. I mainly do things for our place which is a full time job as we are on 5 acres and trying to be as self sustaining as possible. This means lots of work. IE. repairing vehicles, gardening. building projects, cutting our own wood for winter heat as well as for making charcoal for the forge and so on.
I have a 36x70 ft. pole barn I work out of. I just finished building a small forge and will now start making my tools and such. I have looked your site over and am impressed with the amount of knowledge by many. I am sure in the future I will be pleased to glean information from many of you and will put in my two cents when it seems appropriate. I have 35 years experience as a silver and goldsmith, now retired and much of what I have learned over the years is transferable to blacksmith work. I have made throwing hawks, fire starting kits, fire sets and other types of things for the black powder crowd.
I am sure I will enjoy communicating with many of you in the future and learning much along the way. I appreciate being part of this group Thanks. Ron.

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