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Forg welding the big ring video

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There's another one shot at the same time, in which a dozen or so guys maneuver (using a crane) and forge a truly HUGE chunk of steel under what must be at least a 50 ton hammer. Absolutely no safety gear in evidence, and I can only imagine the radiant heat coming off that steel. It's very impressive, but also very scary.

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The "flat" bars, as they appear to be, are not really flat. The first one used is actually a round bar. The next ones are either "V" shaped or 1/4 round bars, I can't tell for sure in the video, and are referred to as "necking down" tools. They are used to create a shoulder, either sharp or rounded, to create a transition between a larger section of the forging and a smaller section without a taper in the forging.At the steelplant were I took my apprenticeship we used to use them all the time. One job we used to do was make "LARGE" square headed bolts for mill stands. They would have a six inch square head and a three or four inch round section that was threaded. We used the "necking down tools (1/4 round) to form the square shoulder on the bolt head before drawing out the round section to size. In the case of a bolt the tools were used on all four sides of the billet. We also used them when forging large clevises to leave a larger section of billet to form the eye of the clevis with a smaller section of round in between the eyes.


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