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Welding apron

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I have one similar, with crossover straps which I find much more comfortable than those with neck straps. These look as if there is not much between them,
If it was me I would go with the cheapest, the price is OK.
BTW I wear mine everyday and love it, it is from Weldas in USA.

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Anything's better than nothing. I personally don't care for the split leg much so I used the legs straps to tie the two leg pieces together rather than strap it them on. I love my apron even though it was cheap and is the split leg type. Just feels good putting it on. Kinda like a pre-forging ritual. Can't tell you how many times it's saved me too.

As far as the crossing in the back. I can't say how much better it is. I've got a 50" round chest so it's kinda a pain to get into place but once it's there it doesn't go anywhere. The over the neck style is easier to put on though.

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I would go with the one that has the best straps. I don't think either is over priced. I made my own from a piece of leather that cost me $60. When the alternative is the possibility of setting fire to your family tree, The price seems very reasonable to me.

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