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Grease and my Champion 400 blower


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I have finished my forge and have fired it up a couple of times to see how it works. For my first forge I think it works pretty good. I have been putting oil in the oil port each time I've used it but had not greased it. Yesterday I put grease in the two grease caps that have bearings ( one on the end opposite the fan and one opposite the crank ). Now it turns much harder (it turned easy before). Did I put to much grease? I filled the caps up. There wasn't any grease in them at all so I thought filling them up would work.

I guess I need to clean the grease out. How much should I put if any? When I took the caps off there seemed to oil on them from the oil I had been putting in the oil port. Is that enough for the bearings?

Any suggestions and advice will be much appreciated
Thank You

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The bearings for the spur gear shafts on the sides may be lubed with white lithium grease or any soft moly base. Disc brake grease is likely too stiff and in any case, you don't need much - just enough to keep the balls lubed. I usually just pack them while in the palm of my hand without loading the entire cap.

The lower fan bearings can get the same treatment but they are typically lubed from the oil that drips down from the oil port. I use ATF in all of my hand blowers and have never had a failure or signs of wear.

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