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Is this worth 100 bucks

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looks like a aso to me it looks just like the 15 pound harbor freight aso i bought my cousin to beat on i seen one of theses on ebay i think he said he got it in a buy out of a hardware store in my opion its not worth it by the time you pay for the travel exspences and if it is aso you just have a pieace of junk

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I'm certainly not telling you to jump in the car and drive 250 miles go see it - but - I have seen a couple of ads on Craigslist where folks copied and pasted a convenient photo off the net that had nothing to do with the item they were selling. A buddy of mine bought a vise from a local guy - it was a nice round tube Wilton but the pic was of a Chinese import. People sometimes have no idea what they are selling.

You might want to make a phone call and ask some questions - although I agree with everyone else that it is not worth much if as advertised.

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