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Something to remember on Thanksgiving

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I really didnt know where to post this and I apologize for posting if and taking up space but it might just make a difference in someone life. Today is Thanksgiving and my family is small so we all usually get together quite often but this year Me and my wifes visiting one less house, My Fathers. My father and I was as good as friends as two people can be, he taught me everything I know about life and he was a great man. On July 22, 2004 I finally made time to spend with him, It seemed like I was always had something more important to do but that day I took him fishing. He and I had the best time and little did I know 3 days later he wouldnt be with us anymore, He was 45 years old and died the 25 of July, my birthday. I am thankful God gave me one last time to hang out with him and I am thankful for everything he taught me. Now if any of you guys are lucky enought to still have your Dad or Grandfather around tell them just how much you love them and give them a extra long hug, I wish everone a safe trip if your traveling and you will all be in mine and my familys prayers, Godbless and Happy Thanksgiving Charlie

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I too lost my best friend and teacher, my Father. I was blessed in that I got to spend many many hours with him as a child and teen as we flew together. He worked a day job, and flew airtaxi at night. In the third grade I started flying with him to help keep him awake. I loved those flights. He was the smartest man that I have ever met, and he taught me almost all I know. I joined the ARMY at 18 and was gone for 3 years, then college, and lived in another town. I moved back at 25, and got to spend more time with him, but never enough. I lost my father when I was 35, and I have missed him every day since. It has now been almost 23 years that he is gone, but when I have a tuff challenge, I ask myself how he would have attacked the issue and almost always get a answer to the problem.

Hug those you can, and remember those you can't.

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I am so blessed. I still have Dad, he is only 85 now and still helps my younger brother in their construction/remodeling business. Pouring concrete, building cabinets, framing walls, whatever. He quit, just last year, going up on roofs of houses to lay shingles. (at least that's what he told me!) We call each other every Sunday a visit for an hour or so, and sometimes I hear the same stories or jokes several times over, but that's really OK with me. He worked hard all his life, raised 6 of us kids, 4 boys and 2 spoiled girls! Retired school teacher/administrator and carpenter on weekends and holidays to support us and Mom. She went home to GLORY back in '96 and I sure miss her... Loving lady, very talented and could sing beautifully.

I am doublely blessed as I had THE BEST EVER Mom and Dad-in-love. My wife's parents treated me as one of their own. D-I-L and I hunted, raised cows, horses, goats and rebuilt old worn out fenses and talked. and I treasure every last minutes of it.

So yes, hug those you still have and treasure the momories of those gone before you, for they helped make you who you are today. GOD bless all of you, my friends, today. TDean

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I lost my grandfather in the fall of 1972 and my father in the Spring of 1973. I was only 22 years old and lost both of my best friends and teachers. My dad was a banker and taught me how to save money at a young age. I wanted to follow in his footsteps into banking, but he discouraged me from it. Did he foresee the financial mess we have today ? My grandfather, who was a blacksmith, was my teacher when it came to using tools and fixing things. He tought me to fix my first flat tire on my bicycle. This year marks the 26th year I have operated my own bicycle repair business. I spent alot of time with him in his shop as a young boy and loved the sound of his anvil as he hammered away. I got to turn the crank on his blower because I was his helper. I would go home dirty as if I worked in a coal mine all day. Dirt, fire, water and noise. Everything a boy could want. Today, I have my own blacksmith shop located in the same building as my bicycle repair business with a picture of my grandfather taken in 1926 shoeing a horse hanging near my anvil. He is looking directly towards me and when I run into a problem while working, I look at him and say "Heh, what would you do?" He hasn't left me down yet. Somehow I always get an answer to my problem. Great memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Thanksgiving

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R.C. - Hard topic, but thanks for posting it.

I lost my mom, dad and a brother in a 3 year period from 92' - 95'

Mom passed from heart disease - she went into the hospital where they did an angiogram. The doc stayed in too long and she stroked on the table. The result was that it changed her personality - she became very child-like and my father and I stayed with her 24/7 for three weeks until she passed in the home she loved. She was everything to me. I didn't have much of a relationship with my dad so mom was the one who instilled in me my values and to look at life as one ongoing opportunity to explore and discover and to pursue every chance to do the right thing - she was an incredible woman!

Dad died at the same time - he just didn't know it. Never sick a day in his life but after mom passed he just stopped living - the cancer took him less than two years later. I resigned my position at Nike to stay home with him and be his hospice caregiver for the last seven months of his life. We used that time, to make up for all that we had missed together when I was growing up. A man of great character and integrity!

My brother passed 11 months after dad did from a massive brain hemorrhage - he was a special needs adult who lived with me on the family property. I was his guardian and caretaker and even though surgery may have saved his life, I made the decision to remove him from life support so that he could pass in peace rather than being trapped blind and deaf in a crippled body. He was an amazing individual, even through all his challenges in life, his honesty and unconditional love were always in the forefront.

When I was going through all of this I received so many "what can we do for you?" offers from friends - I always replied: "The best help you can give me is to love each other, let those in your life never doubt your feelings for them because someday you're going to face this and when it's over you don't want anything left unsaid".

In just a few hours I'll be heading to my remaining brother's house to spend the day with he and his family - The fact that I have he and his family in my life is my greatest possession - everything material pales in comparison.

Never hesitate to give thanks every day for those you love and who love you!!

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