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Tire hammer wheel bearing

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I have managed to get a front wheel hub in process of accumulating (scrounging) stuff for my tire hammer. I would like to know if anyone has used a front wheel hub or has any good reason to not use it.

It has lots of holes to bolt things to and that will make building easier. I already have some ideas on how I will do it.

Thanks for any help.

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Geoff, Many of the front wheel driv hubs MUST have a axle torqued into the wheel bearing hub assembly to prevent destruction of the bearings. They need the pre-load.
I used a FWD van REAR axle wheel bearing hub assembly. Worked well.

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Trailer hub and spindle. They're inexpensive enough at a trailer supply, are intended to be welded or bolted to fabbed assemblies, have thrust bearings designed for shock loading and off center loading and can be had to match almost any wheel bolt pattern you have.

Then there's the time saved in just measuring the thing and welding it up, you don't have to strip it off a wreck, design your hammer around it, rebuild it if worn and eventually redesign and rebuild your hammer when it wears out and you can't find another 87 Yugo to strip.

Sometimes it's just easier, cheaper and better to spend a few bucks.


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I used a front tapered spindle, bearing set and rotor from a full sized Ford. JY price $20. Cut everything off the back of it so I had a flat flange to weld to. Rotor disc didn't work for the rim I used (Mopar compact spare) so I cut it off too.

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