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Marlin spike???


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Today, sailors have the luxury of purchasing marlin spikes made from stainless steel. If you know how to treat stainless after forging, I would suggest using stainless. That being said, steel is still a most appropriate material. Forged and normalized medium carbon steel would do the job unless your buddy works steel cable, then the tip could be hardened a bit. The eye could be designed to double as shackle pin wrench, a clever and thoughtful design I've been seeing the last few years.

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I would use carbon steel, probably drill rod - because a lot of leverage can be applied to a piece of rope and mild steel will likely bend (unless you make a really big one). No need to heat treat the drill rod, just being normalized should be enough spring. If you do use mild steel, heat treat it in brine to give some stiffness.

I would also flatten the end with the hole and drill a couple of holes in a figure 8 then file them to form a figure 0 for the eye. Make sure all the edges are soft so no burrs can tear the line.

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