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'morning chaps


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I'm called alfie, as my username sugests.
I live in cornwall, and was brought to this fine institution because I am the tender age of 14, and have started teaching myself how to work metal, and would greatly like to find knowledgable locals to talk to.
I scored in that my dad has a workshop with a much underused metalworkinjg machine shope, so I have access to an early 20th century industrial lathe , the most beautiful pillar drill you have ever seen (it is 7 foot tall, and has the most beatifully graceful castings), an anvil and a nice big propane torch
and it's all on a big boat!
which isn't nearly as impractical as it sounds.
I have been making stock removal knives for a year or so, on and off, and hae just started forging stuff. It's all pretty basic - candleholders, knives, coathooks, but I am improving.

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Hi Alfie and welcome, whereabouts in Cornwall are you, there are quite a few smiths down there who may be pleased to help you. I'm up the road in Devon, but will be at the Royal Cornwall Show next year,

Good luck with it and don't forget your safety equipment.

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Welcome aboard Alfie.

If you'll click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show where you are, old farts like myself won't have to try remembering AND folk close to you might be willing to lend a hand directly.


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