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Removing gears from Champion 400

Chris P

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So, I got my blower in the mail the other day and I'm trying to clean it up. I'd like to pull the gears and really clean up the inside, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get them off the drive shafts.

I've read up on it a bit and found a few posts, but the gears don't seem to want to come off as easily as it seems that should. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Once the bearings are out and the set screws are loosened, the shafts should drive out. However, they may be frozen due to years of having been in the same position.

I have restored several 400's and I simply turn them upside down then blast the inside with diesel out of a venturi sprayer. Saves taking them apart but still cleans well.

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Thats basically what I have read about the gears, that they should just come right off.

Unfortunately for me, these ones aren't going anywhere. I think I'll just work around them the best I can.

Any idea if kerosene is good to clean with? I only ask as I have some on hand for my heater.

Thanks for the replies.

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