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craftsman 230/180 AC-DC welder


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I haven't used a Craftsman welder in decades but they used to make a desent machine. Weld with a DC machine VS AC machine is like forging HOT metal VS warm metal. You will instantly notice an improvement! And for $100 I don't think you will go wrong. I would take a few 1/8"dia. E7018 rods and try it out, if they run good then I would run with it.

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Hey...If I can ad something about Craftsman welders in general....My Father bought his first welder from Sears, back in 1963...A craftsman 180 amp AC. They were made for Sears by Emerson MFG., from the early 1950's thru 1980's. If the welder you are looikng at is made by Emerson...it is a great, long lasting welder. I think you can still get all parts for it from Sears. These Craftsman welders will not run standard E-7018 on AC[too low arc voltage]...but if the DC on the one you are looking at works, it will run it fine. We used to repair trucks with it[E-6011 & 6013 rod, AC stainless alloy repair rods] and never had a problem for over 30years! Now days you can get E-7018 AC that will work on ALL AC welders, if you are "IN LOVE" with 7018 rod as I am after welding with stick so long.

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