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need help now

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You can get a 4" bench grinder at Lowes or Home Depot for around $100.

You can get one of the 1" belt grinders for a lot less.

In agreement with John, either option will cost a lot less than the emergency room bill.

Check your local Craiglist for tools. You might find a good deal on a used one.

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o yeaa.. forgot that they sold those there. Thats probably a better idea.. I already tried to slap one togethor and managed to throw some metal around and strip the thread on the bench grinder. So I'm heading to home depot now.
thanks Neal, I don't think there is a harbor freight close by though(atlanta traffic makes anything across town a couple hours).

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Ever hear anyone complain because they bought a GOOD tool?

If you ever decide to buy a GOOD Belt Grinder check out :Multitool belt and disc grinder attachment at Van Sant Enterprises, Inc. I own one and would not be without it. Highly pleased with the tool.

Yeah, my granpa. He's lazy and won't buy anything with a handle whether it's a good tool or a bad tool. :rolleyes:
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